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Link: Here's Who I Blame for the High Cost of Vet Care

by Flavia Vaduva - December 18, 2018 at 2:11 PM
Have you ever had to go over multiple estimates with a client? Have you ever felt compelled to offer to pay for part of a pet’s bill or wanted to assume financial (and sometimes, ownership) responsibility? Have you ever had to place a catheter or hold for a euthanasia that you felt could have been avoided if the pet owner could afford the treatment?

In the 9 years I spent working as veterinary technician, I experienced these situations often. And later in my career as a veterinarian, I faced them all over again. The reality is that financial concerns related to the cost of veterinary care affect everyone involved- the pet, the owners and the entire veterinary care team. 

If you have ever been affected by one of those situations or something similar- I strongly encourage you to read Dr. V’s article. This article offers so many great solutions that highlight the importance of working together- as a team- to make sure we do our best to try to give each pet access to the care they need. 
quotesVTP-SuccessfulBlue"In 2014, I got a whole bunch of people fired up by writing a piece called “No Obamacare for Dogs” that spoke to the issues people face when they arrive at the vet ER without enough funds to pay for a pet’s needed care.
And here we are now, three years later, same old same old. Somewhere, in the United States, a pet has arrived at an ER and the owner was unable to afford the estimate. Chaos ensues. Nothing new, really, and here we are again waiting for someone else (read, the veterinary emergency clinics) to solve the problem.
Now I get that this is an emotional topic, and understandably so. I think there is room for compassion both on behalf of a pet owner in a bad situation and a veterinary professional who is being asked to do the impossible. But in order to move forward- to really try and make a difference- we need to lay out some simple truths here" ~ Read the full Article 
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About Flavia Vaduva

Flavia Vaduva is a general practice Veterinarian and a blogger for VetTechPrep. She has a passion for veterinary medicine, education and business management. She really enjoys interacting with veterinary students and veterinary professionals. She spends her free time riding horses and traveling to explore new places!

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