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The Vet Tech's Role in Post-Operative Care of Spay/Neuter Patients

by Cathy Barnette - Mar 18, 2019 12:11:37 PM
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In most veterinary practices, the veterinarian performs several spays or neuters per day. Once the procedure is finished, the anesthetic gas is turned off, and the endotracheal tube is pulled, the patient is typically handed over to a vet tech for recovery. What does the post-op recovery process involve?
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Top 5 Benefits of Spay / Neuter: A Summary for Vet Techs

by Cathy Barnette - Mar 4, 2019 10:13:59 AM


Spay/neuter is an important component of puppy/kitten care and overall veterinary preventive medicine…but why?

There are multiple benefits to spaying and neutering veterinary patients, some of which may be obvious and some that are less obvious.

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