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by Lori Hehn - Nov 10, 2015 1:22:05 PM
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With the next VTNE testing window right around the corner, today let's review what to expect when you go to sit your exam!

Exams are given on the computer at a Prometric Testing Center. 

Prometric: Preparing for Test Day 

For this November 15-December 15th testing window, you will have 3 hours to complete 170 questions. There are 150 operational questions that will count towards your score, and 20 pilot questions on the test that will not be counted toward your score, but you will not know which those are. Those additional pilot questions are used to help construct future exams by the American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB) who owns the Veterinary Technician National Examination (VTNE).

Test takers who are late to the testing center or have ID problems and are denied entry are considered unexcused. Make sure to arrive 30 minutes early for your test and bring a valid form of identification!

You may take breaks during the exam, but the time clock will continue to run. You will be provided a count down clock.

There will be an online calculator which you may use for the math and calculations on the exam. It will be similar to the MS Windows calculator, so it may be helpful to practice prior to the exam.

You will be provided with an erasable board so that you can make notes as needed (no scratch paper is allowed).

There is a comment section for each question where you may make a suggestion or comment. These comments are later reviewed by ProExam and AAVSB. Keep in mind that it may be best to make comments at the end and not use your valuable test time.

The exam is all multiple choice (with 4 choices per question). There is no penalty for guessing, so make your best guess even if you do not know the answer.

For more detailed information regarding the exam and topics, visit the AAVSB website; under Candidate Handbook click on the applicable exam date.

Good luck on your exam!


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