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Bridging the Gap: End of Life Care

by Lori Hehn - Dec 8, 2017 8:44:00 AM
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I am sure you have heard of Veterinary Confessionals. It is a way to get something off your chest. Serious, sad, or funny, I have really enjoyed reading through them- as I can often relate to the sentiments in them.

There was one in particular that really made me get a tear in my eye about end of life care. It was signed by a “CVT.”

It said, “"Sometimes I give SQ fluids to patients whose [owners] aren't ready to let go. I whisper, 'It's okay to die in your sleep. Mom or Dad will be okay,' in their ear real quiet."- CVT

veterinary-painanddeath-confession-11.jpgPhoto Credit: DVM360

The quote touched me, because I feel like it represents the core of who we are as professionals. We are somehow bridging the gap between owners and pets, trying to help the owners make decisions about their pets who can’t communicate directly with us.

We see that our patients are sometimes suffering and wish so badly that they could go peacefully. I fully believe that we have a special way of communicating with our patients. The ways in which we handle, treat, and talk to them are better understood by them than we realize. We have a huge responsibility not only for patient care, but communication with the owners about end of life expectations and comfort goals.

Thank you to veterinary technicians who care so deeply for their patients. Your empathy and compassion are appreciated by your staff and patients.

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Lori Hehn is a practicing veterinarian and a contributor and content manager with XPrep Learning Solutions. She has a drive for continual learning and enjoys interacting with veterinary and vet tech students. She also writes veterinary learning books for children.

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