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Celebrating my dogs on National Dog Day!

by Lori Hehn - August 26, 2015 at 3:22 PM
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Today is National Dog Day! I am just sitting here thinking about all of the reasons I love dogs in general. I suppose these reasons are part of why I became a veterinarian in the first place. This is why in the hospital I treat every dog as if it were my own. I love that dogs have their own unique personalities just like people. I love that they are such loyal companions and love without judgment or expectations. I love that we communicate with dogs on a different level and we don't have to have a "conversation" to understand their language. Why do you love dogs? Here are my mutts that I am celebrating today! 

I have had lots of dogs in my life. I love my two dogs now so much and it breaks my heart to see Zoe getting older. She is almost 13 years old now! We are doing everything we possibly can to continue to keep her as happy and as healthy as possible. Here she is getting acupuncture last night before bed.
This is Sophie, my goofball who is almost 2 years old. She is always ready to play ball and get any type of snuggle time she can. She is obsessed with Zoe and follows her every move. I guess that is because Zoe has taught her pretty much everything she knows (including how to chase rabbits)!
I also believe that in life you get that one really special dog. I would also like to celebrate him today. He was a dog I got when I was in my second year of vet school. I had him through thick and thin. Before I got married or had a family he was by my side. He was a constant friend, always supporting, and always happy to be with me!  He was really my first baby. I will always miss my Teddy and hope to see him at the Rainbow Bridge someday!
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