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Link: Dogs Are Born With Ears And Tails, They Should Get To Keep Them!

by Lori Hehn - September 22, 2016 at 9:00 AM
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The procedures in our link article are called tail docking and ear cropping, and they’re commonly performed on this breed and many others. But they’re really amputations by other, more euphemistic names. This is a hot topic in our profession and in the breeding world, but a healthy discussion is important. 

quotesVTP-SuccessfulBlue.jpg" And then there’s the fact that most American dogs today are city-dwelling pets not used for hunting and burrowing. So these procedures are usually carried out for cosmetic reasons or “tradition,” or because people want dogs to look tough."

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Dr. Hehn's Take

To cut a dog's ears to give them a certain look seems inhumane, and they can have may complications from the surgery. Dogs are great just as they are, with normal tails and ears. If you properly educate clients in this matter, they will almost always agree. The veterinary profession as a whole is starting to move away from cosmetic procedures such as these, and with proper education, society will follow suit.

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