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Diagnosing Canine Portosystemic Shunts: A Summary for Vet Techs

Create Your First Vet Tech Resume

How Will You Pay for Your VTNE® Exam and Licensing? 

Vet Tech Case Study: A Boston Terrier Respiratory Emergency

Vet Tech Monitoring of Critically Ill Patients

A Vet Tech’s Guide to Pre-Transfusion Testing in Dogs & Cats

Retired Racing Pets: FAQs for Vet Tech Students

Alternative Careers in Animal Welfare: 4 Options for Vet Techs

Feline Hyperthyroidism: A Vet Tech’s Summary of Treatment Options

Insulin Selection and Administration Summary for Vet Techs

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention for Vet Tech Students

Common Radiographic Views: A Review for Vet Tech Students

Feline Retroviral Infections: Testing and Prevention Protocols for Vet Techs

What is the Vet Tech’s Role in PennHip and OFA Radiographs?

Vaccine Reaction FAQ’s for Vet Techs

Puppy Socialization: FAQs for Vet Techs

Help Clients Prioritize Preventive Care: 7 Tips for Vet Techs

Top 5 Behavioral Issues in Exotic Animal Patients

So You Want to Become a Veterinary Behavior Technician

Training Opportunities for Vet Techs Who Love Nutrition

Prescription Veterinary Diets: An Overview for Vet Techs

7 Tips for Vet Techs to Improve the Client Experience

5 Clients You Might Encounter in a Veterinary Practice

Helping Clients Understand “Old Dog Vestibular Syndrome”: A Vet Tech’s Role

Neuro Exam for Small and Large Animal Patients: For Vet Techs

Budgeting for Vet Tech Students

Intergenerational Communication for Vet Techs

Time Management Tips for Vet Tech Students

Linear Foreign Body: A Case Study for Vet Tech Students

The Vet Tech's Role in the Treatment of Acute Canine Pancreatitis

Vet Tech's Responsibilities: Treatment of Ethylene Glycol Toxicity

Decontaminating the Exam Room and Home When a Pet Has Ringworm

Educating Clients About Antibiotic Resistance: Your Role as a Vet Tech

Vet Tech Poll: Is Personal Appearance a Part of Professionalism?

Tattoos & Piercings: A Good Idea for Vet Techs?

Top 8 Resume Tips for Your First Job as a Vet Tech

Are you a Vet Tech who Wants a Career in the Veterinary Industry?

VTNE Test Day: What Every Vet Tech Student Should Expect

Stressed about the VTNE®? Try THESE Techniques!

Is Your VTNE® Registration Checklist Complete?

Should You Start Studying for the VTNE Now?

Did You Know: Carnivores have Four Types of Teeth

Self-Care for Vet Techs: A Possibility or a Paradox?

Top 6 Travel Meds for Dogs: A Summary for Vet Techs

Check to See if Your Equine Patient is Doing THIS, Especially During Heat Waves

What Vet Techs Need to Know About Wound Care

Surviving First-Day Jitters as You begin Your Vet Tech Career

What if You are the Bully in Your Veterinary Practice?

Considering Practice Management: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

10 Unique Career Options for Vet Techs

Exercising to Improve your Mental Health - Does it Work?

Compassion Fatigue: What Is It and How Do Vet Techs Deal?

Work-Life Balance & Wellness for Vet Techs

7 Mental Health Resources for Veterinary Technicians

Do you know these 5 Facts about the Feline Heartworm Life Cycle?

Top 3 Heartworm Preventatives for Vet Techs

How to Test for Heartworm Disease in Cats

Talking to Clients about Heartworms: 5 Facts for Vet Techs

Vet Tech, Do you Know how to Obtain OFA Radiographs?

The Vet Tech's Role in Post-Operative Care of Spay/Neuter Patients

How to Setup Anesthesia Monitoring Equipment for Vet Techs

Top 5 Benefits of Spay / Neuter: A Summary for Vet Techs

Are you a Vet Tech that Loves Dentistry but AVDT Certification is not for you?

Dental Radiology Conversation Starters for Vet Techs

Top 5 Facts Vet Techs Should Know About Home Dental Care For Pets

Presenting Dental Treatment Plans: 5 Tips for Vet Techs

Cramming as a study strategy during your Vet Tech program: is it worth it?

Study Smarter, Not Harder: 3 Learning Strategies for Vet Techs

Time Management Tips for Vet Tech Students 2019

How to Practice Blood Draws for Vet Techs

Top 5 Vet Tech skills needed to help your AHDS patients

Link: Here's Who I Blame for the High Cost of Vet Care

Veterinary Technicians and Vet Students: How can you help pets during natural disasters?

Vet Techs: How to Write a Cover Letter

7 Tips for New Vet Techs in Practice

How to Calculate a Dose of Injectable Medication

Remembering Where to Place ECG Leads on Animals

Water Intoxication in Dogs?

10 Funny Sounding Veterinary Medical Terms and Definitions: Do You Know These?

Intubation Tips and Instructions for Vet Techs

Lyme Disease Epidemic and Prevention

How To Treat Grape Ingestion & Toxicity

National Preparedness Month #NatlPrep: Don't Forget the Pets

When Should Ventricular Premature Complexes (VPCs) Be Treated?

5 Thank You Notes to Vet Nurses from the Heart of a Vet

Capnocytophaga: What are the Facts?

7 Tips on Avoiding these VetTech Medical Mistakes

AVMA DENVER 2018 "It felt like being back in vet school"

Link Post: Personal Stress Test

Heatstroke Treatment Review for Vet Techs

Things to do With your Dog at AVMA in Denver!

5 Stress Triggers in Vet Techs

What Should You Have in Your Veterinary Crash Cart?

VetTech Cheat Sheet: 5 Best Veterinary Links For Client Handouts

8 Ways to Deal With A Cray Cray Veterinary Client

Restraining Fractious Cats: 6 Tips to Avoid Bites and Scratches

Surviving Vet Tech School!

The New VTNE Blueprint: Starting July/August 2018

Don't Worry...He Won't Bite

VetTech: Taking a Good History in the Exam Room

Vet Tech Kept Dog; Owner Thought Was Euthanized

Bullying: New Vet Tech on the Block? 

What's With All of the Pet Food Recalls?

What Procedures Can Vet Techs Legally Perform?

3 Places to Search for a New Vet Tech Job

How Much Money Will Vet Techs Make in 2018?

7 Ways to Handle Veterinary Hospital Drama

Two Inspiring Vet Techs from 2017!

A Christmas Tree Treat for Zoo Animals!

Bridging the Gap: End of Life Care

How To Calculate Injectables That Are A Percent Solution

Crossword Puzzle: Things Vet Nurses Know About!

Compassion Fatigue Myth? A Time For Compassion Instead of Anger

Calculate Fluid Rates For This Dog With Pancreatitis

A Nursing Word Problem (Answer)

Soon To Be Your New Title: Veterinary Nurse

Campylobacter Outbreak: Zoonosis Reminder

AVTE Here We Come! Our Commitment to Education

Vet Tech Infographic: Angles of Injection Insertions

Vet Tech Quick Quiz: Ocular Testing

How To Help Dog Owners Cope with Their Furry Friend’s Illness: A Guideline for Vet Techs

Quick Quiz: Canine and Feline Vaccine

Did You Know: Oral Disease in Cats & Dogs

My Vet Tech Story: Rexann Morrison, LVT

Vet Tech Infographic: Dental Formulas

Alaska Divorce Courts will now Treat Pets Like Children

Vet Tech Infographic: Anatomy of the Tooth

Vet Tech Infographic: Derm Terms

Should You Become a Veterinary Technician?

Did you know THIS about giving Injections to Pigs?

Vet Tech Infographic: Animal Gestation Periods

Vet Tech Resolutions for 2017!

Vet Tech Poll: Where does your pet sleep at night?

Is Veterinary Medicine Really That Depressing?

Best Vet Tech Schools?

Word Problem: Did This Dog Get A Toxic Dose Of Chocolate?

Free Blood Products Download From!

Vet Tech Infographic: Canine Red Blood Cell Morphology Review

Testing X-Ray Reading Skills:  Guess the Foreign Body !

Pet Supplies for Christmas: Gift Ideas for Pets & Their Owners

Vet Tech Poll: Do You Get Your Pet(s) A Holiday Gift?

National Horse Day!

Did you know Hypercapnia is Synonymous with Hypoventilation?

Vet Techs, Let us Know!

Four Reasons Vet Techs Leave the Veterinary Field

My Vet Tech Story: Monica Mosier

What Diseases Do Dogs & Cats Share?

Infographic: Blood-Gas Basics, What’s it all mean Vet Tech?

My Favorite Veterinary Social Media Accounts

Vet Tech Poll: Should certain dog breeds be banned?

Cats of Aleppo: Airstrikes Hit Famous Cat Sanctuary

Did you know: Horses Glands

Thanksgiving Time: Operation Dog Pancreatitis Prevention

Can A Cat Survive A Rattlesnake Bite?

Infographic: Important Medical Abbreviations for Vet Techs

Vet Tech Case Study: The Coughing Cat

Make Yourself An Indispensable Vet Tech (and get that raise!)

POLL: How Long Have You Worked In The Veterinary Field?

People Don't Plan to Stop Spending Money on Their Pets Anytime Soon!

Kitten Rescued From Engine: A Good Reminder For The Coming Winter

My Vet Tech Story: Kathryn Dial, CVT

The Philosophy of Pain in Pets

Infographic: Canine White Blood Cell Review

Quick Quiz: Veterinary Spelling Challenge!

Today Is One Health Day!

POLL: What was your Path to becoming a Vet Tech?

Link: Study results address Deadly Blood Clots in Cats

Did you know: 2 Types of Portosystemic Shunts

Link: Most Popular Pet Costumes of 2016!

Monitoring And Improving Dentistry Compliance In Your Practice

Link: Animals Starving In Venezuela Zoos

Infographic: What is a Salter Harris Fracture?

Why Vet Techs Get A Whole Week Of Appreciation!

POLL: Cats - Indoor/Outdoor?

Link: Injured Mockingbird Fitted With Tiny Snowshoes

Did you know: Portosystemic Shunts

Link: Feral and Outdoor Cats Being Euthanized?

Catherine Holly, CVT

Link: Horses Communicating Through Symbols

Infographic: Eyes and Ears - O for ocular and A for auricular

Quiz: The Fracture Type

Are You Worried About Taking So Many X-rays?

POLL: Do You Place An IV Catheter For Euthanasia?

Link: Have You Ever Heard Of The Assisi Loop?

Did you know Horses have Hypsodont, or High-Crowned Teeth?

Quick Quiz: Test your Veterinary Drug Knowledge!

Improving Your Study Skills For The VTNE

POLL: How Do You Feel About Declawing Domestic Cats?

Link: Burial Sites Show That Dogs Were Hunting Companions Thousands Of Years Ago

Did you know: Genioglossus

Link: Dogs Are Born With Ears And Tails, They Should Get To Keep Them!

Can Humans Get Heartworms?

Link: Dogs Euthanized Over Unpaid Fines?

Infographic: STOP! It's Fracture Time!

Quiz: Do You Know The Gestations Of These Species?

Let's Practice Calculating A Constant Rate Infusion (CRI)

POLL: What Heartworm Prevention Does Your Practice Recommend?

Link: Dog Re-united With Owner After 12 Years

Did You Know This About Schirmer's Tear Tests

Link: True Love...Does Your Heart Beat In Sync With Your Dog's Heart?

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