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Video: How to Prepare for the O.R.

Top 3 Cardiac Medications for Small Animal Vet Techs

Controlled Drug Logs: FAQs for Vet Techs

Tracing the Flow of Blood Through the Heart: A Summary for Vet Techs

Medical Math for Vet Techs: A Lidocaine CRI Case Study

Improving Client Compliance: Dentistry Tips for Vet Techs

Vet Tech Case Study: Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex

The Vet Tech’s Role in Managing Rodenticide Toxicity

Handling Client Calls About Possible Toxicities: 5 Tips for Vet Techs

How Much Damage Can a Few Grapes Cause? A Grape Toxicity Case Study for Vet Techs

Tips for Tackling the TPR

Focus on the Medical History: 5 Tips for Vet Techs

Top 5 Myths About Veterinary Chemotherapy

Can You Hear Me Now?! Protect Your Hearing While Working as a Vet Tech

Who is More Likely to be Injured at Work: A Firefighter or a Vet Tech?

What is the Vet Tech’s Role in Preventing Financial Euthanasia?

What Your Clients Might Not Know About Wellness Plans

Talking to Veterinary Clients About Dental Extractions

Addressing Client Misconceptions About Pet Insurance

Career Options for Vet Techs who Love Dentistry

Top 7 Tips for Performing Your First Dental as a Vet Tech

Diagnosing Canine Portosystemic Shunts: A Summary for Vet Techs

Create Your First Vet Tech Resume

How Will You Pay for Your VTNE® Exam and Licensing? 

Vet Tech Case Study: A Boston Terrier Respiratory Emergency

Vet Tech Monitoring of Critically Ill Patients

A Vet Tech’s Guide to Pre-Transfusion Testing in Dogs & Cats

Retired Racing Pets: FAQs for Vet Tech Students

Alternative Careers in Animal Welfare: 4 Options for Vet Techs

Feline Hyperthyroidism: A Vet Tech’s Summary of Treatment Options

Insulin Selection and Administration Summary for Vet Techs

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention for Vet Tech Students

Common Radiographic Views: A Review for Vet Tech Students

Feline Retroviral Infections: Testing and Prevention Protocols for Vet Techs

What is the Vet Tech’s Role in PennHip and OFA Radiographs?

Vaccine Reaction FAQ’s for Vet Techs

Puppy Socialization: FAQs for Vet Techs

Help Clients Prioritize Preventive Care: 7 Tips for Vet Techs

Top 5 Behavioral Issues in Exotic Animal Patients

So You Want to Become a Veterinary Behavior Technician

Training Opportunities for Vet Techs Who Love Nutrition

Prescription Veterinary Diets: An Overview for Vet Techs

7 Tips for Vet Techs to Improve the Client Experience

5 Clients You Might Encounter in a Veterinary Practice

Helping Clients Understand “Old Dog Vestibular Syndrome”: A Vet Tech’s Role

Neuro Exam for Small and Large Animal Patients: For Vet Techs

Budgeting for Vet Tech Students

Intergenerational Communication for Vet Techs

Time Management Tips for Vet Tech Students

Linear Foreign Body: A Case Study for Vet Tech Students

The Vet Tech's Role in the Treatment of Acute Canine Pancreatitis

Vet Tech's Responsibilities: Treatment of Ethylene Glycol Toxicity

Decontaminating the Exam Room and Home When a Pet Has Ringworm

Educating Clients About Antibiotic Resistance: Your Role as a Vet Tech

Vet Tech Poll: Is Personal Appearance a Part of Professionalism?

Tattoos & Piercings: A Good Idea for Vet Techs?

Top 8 Resume Tips for Your First Job as a Vet Tech

Are you a Vet Tech who Wants a Career in the Veterinary Industry?

VTNE Test Day: What Every Vet Tech Student Should Expect

Stressed about the VTNE®? Try THESE Techniques!

Is Your VTNE® Registration Checklist Complete?

Should You Start Studying for the VTNE Now?

Did You Know: Carnivores have Four Types of Teeth

Self-Care for Vet Techs: A Possibility or a Paradox?

Top 6 Travel Meds for Dogs: A Summary for Vet Techs

Check to See if Your Equine Patient is Doing THIS, Especially During Heat Waves

What Vet Techs Need to Know About Wound Care

Surviving First-Day Jitters as You begin Your Vet Tech Career

What if You are the Bully in Your Veterinary Practice?

Considering Practice Management: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

10 Unique Career Options for Vet Techs

Exercising to Improve your Mental Health - Does it Work?

Compassion Fatigue: What Is It and How Do Vet Techs Deal?

Work-Life Balance & Wellness for Vet Techs

7 Mental Health Resources for Veterinary Technicians

Do you know these 5 Facts about the Feline Heartworm Life Cycle?

Top 3 Heartworm Preventatives for Vet Techs

How to Test for Heartworm Disease in Cats

Talking to Clients about Heartworms: 5 Facts for Vet Techs

Vet Tech, Do you Know how to Obtain OFA Radiographs?

The Vet Tech's Role in Post-Operative Care of Spay/Neuter Patients

How to Setup Anesthesia Monitoring Equipment for Vet Techs

Top 5 Benefits of Spay / Neuter: A Summary for Vet Techs

Are you a Vet Tech that Loves Dentistry but AVDT Certification is not for you?

Dental Radiology Conversation Starters for Vet Techs

Top 5 Facts Vet Techs Should Know About Home Dental Care For Pets

Presenting Dental Treatment Plans: 5 Tips for Vet Techs

Cramming as a study strategy during your Vet Tech program: is it worth it?

Study Smarter, Not Harder: 3 Learning Strategies for Vet Techs

Time Management Tips for Vet Tech Students 2019

How to Practice Blood Draws for Vet Techs

Top 5 Vet Tech skills needed to help your AHDS patients

Link: Here's Who I Blame for the High Cost of Vet Care

Veterinary Technicians and Vet Students: How can you help pets during natural disasters?

Vet Techs: How to Write a Cover Letter

7 Tips for New Vet Techs in Practice

How to Calculate a Dose of Injectable Medication

Remembering Where to Place ECG Leads on Animals

Water Intoxication in Dogs?

10 Funny Sounding Veterinary Medical Terms and Definitions: Do You Know These?

Intubation Tips and Instructions for Vet Techs

Lyme Disease Epidemic and Prevention

How To Treat Grape Ingestion & Toxicity

National Preparedness Month #NatlPrep: Don't Forget the Pets

When Should Ventricular Premature Complexes (VPCs) Be Treated?

5 Thank You Notes to Vet Nurses from the Heart of a Vet

Capnocytophaga: What are the Facts?

7 Tips on Avoiding these VetTech Medical Mistakes

AVMA DENVER 2018 "It felt like being back in vet school"

Link Post: Personal Stress Test

Heatstroke Treatment Review for Vet Techs

Things to do With your Dog at AVMA in Denver!

5 Stress Triggers in Vet Techs

What Should You Have in Your Veterinary Crash Cart?

VetTech Cheat Sheet: 5 Best Veterinary Links For Client Handouts

8 Ways to Deal With A Cray Cray Veterinary Client

Restraining Fractious Cats: 6 Tips to Avoid Bites and Scratches

Surviving Vet Tech School!

The New VTNE Blueprint: Starting July/August 2018

Don't Worry...He Won't Bite

VetTech: Taking a Good History in the Exam Room

Vet Tech Kept Dog; Owner Thought Was Euthanized

Bullying: New Vet Tech on the Block? 

What's With All of the Pet Food Recalls?

What Procedures Can Vet Techs Legally Perform?

3 Places to Search for a New Vet Tech Job

How Much Money Will Vet Techs Make in 2018?

7 Ways to Handle Veterinary Hospital Drama

Two Inspiring Vet Techs from 2017!

A Christmas Tree Treat for Zoo Animals!

Bridging the Gap: End of Life Care

How To Calculate Injectables That Are A Percent Solution

Crossword Puzzle: Things Vet Nurses Know About!

Compassion Fatigue Myth? A Time For Compassion Instead of Anger

Calculate Fluid Rates For This Dog With Pancreatitis

A Nursing Word Problem (Answer)

Soon To Be Your New Title: Veterinary Nurse

Campylobacter Outbreak: Zoonosis Reminder

AVTE Here We Come! Our Commitment to Education

Vet Tech Infographic: Angles of Injection Insertions

Vet Tech Quick Quiz: Ocular Testing

How To Help Dog Owners Cope with Their Furry Friend’s Illness: A Guideline for Vet Techs

Quick Quiz: Canine and Feline Vaccine

Did You Know: Oral Disease in Cats & Dogs

My Vet Tech Story: Rexann Morrison, LVT

Vet Tech Infographic: Dental Formulas

Alaska Divorce Courts will now Treat Pets Like Children

Vet Tech Infographic: Anatomy of the Tooth

Vet Tech Infographic: Derm Terms

Should You Become a Veterinary Technician?

Did you know THIS about giving Injections to Pigs?

Vet Tech Infographic: Animal Gestation Periods

Vet Tech Resolutions for 2017!

Vet Tech Poll: Where does your pet sleep at night?

Is Veterinary Medicine Really That Depressing?

Best Vet Tech Schools?

Word Problem: Did This Dog Get A Toxic Dose Of Chocolate?

Free Blood Products Download From!

Testing X-Ray Reading Skills:  Guess the Foreign Body !

Vet Tech Infographic: Canine Red Blood Cell Morphology Review

Pet Supplies for Christmas: Gift Ideas for Pets & Their Owners

Vet Tech Poll: Do You Get Your Pet(s) A Holiday Gift?

National Horse Day!

Did you know Hypercapnia is Synonymous with Hypoventilation?

Vet Techs, Let us Know!

Four Reasons Vet Techs Leave the Veterinary Field

My Vet Tech Story: Monica Mosier

What Diseases Do Dogs & Cats Share?

Infographic: Blood-Gas Basics, What’s it all mean Vet Tech?

My Favorite Veterinary Social Media Accounts

Vet Tech Poll: Should certain dog breeds be banned?

Cats of Aleppo: Airstrikes Hit Famous Cat Sanctuary

Did you know: Horses Glands

Thanksgiving Time: Operation Dog Pancreatitis Prevention

Can A Cat Survive A Rattlesnake Bite?

Infographic: Important Medical Abbreviations for Vet Techs

Vet Tech Case Study: The Coughing Cat

Make Yourself An Indispensable Vet Tech (and get that raise!)

POLL: How Long Have You Worked In The Veterinary Field?

People Don't Plan to Stop Spending Money on Their Pets Anytime Soon!

Kitten Rescued From Engine: A Good Reminder For The Coming Winter

My Vet Tech Story: Kathryn Dial, CVT

The Philosophy of Pain in Pets

Infographic: Canine White Blood Cell Review

Quick Quiz: Veterinary Spelling Challenge!

Today Is One Health Day!

POLL: What was your Path to becoming a Vet Tech?

Link: Study results address Deadly Blood Clots in Cats

Did you know: 2 Types of Portosystemic Shunts

Link: Most Popular Pet Costumes of 2016!

Monitoring And Improving Dentistry Compliance In Your Practice

Link: Animals Starving In Venezuela Zoos

Infographic: What is a Salter Harris Fracture?

Why Vet Techs Get A Whole Week Of Appreciation!

POLL: Cats - Indoor/Outdoor?

Link: Injured Mockingbird Fitted With Tiny Snowshoes

Did you know: Portosystemic Shunts

Link: Feral and Outdoor Cats Being Euthanized?

Catherine Holly, CVT

Link: Horses Communicating Through Symbols

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