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The New VTNE Blueprint: Starting July/August 2018

by Lori Hehn - Apr 19, 2018 1:14:26 PM
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Starting in July/August of 2018, there will be a new blueprint for the Veterinary Technician National Examination, as was announced November 2017.

Overall, the changes in percentage of questions per domain on the exam is minor.

Here is a chart showing the changes from the old percentages to the new percentages.  

Practice Domain

Old Percentage

New # of Items         New Percentage

Pharmacy and Pharmacology


18                                  12%

Surgical Nursing


17                                  11%



12                                   8%

Laboratory Procedures


17                                   12%

Animal Care and Nursing


30                                   20%

Diagnostic Imaging


11                                     7%



22                                    15%

Emergency Med/Critical Care


12                                      8%

Pain Management/Analgesia


11                                      7%

Note that the domains that have actually changed for the new blueprint are Dentistry (increased by 1%), Animal Care and Nursing (decreased by 2%), Anesthesia (decreased by 1%), and Emergency Medicine/Critical Care (increased by 2%). Overall, the percentages only changed a small amount.

Even though the percentages did not change significantly, the list of tasks is more broad and specific in the new handbook for each domain. If you will be taking the VTNE in the near future, I strongly suggest that you read through the task details for these domains (the content that will be covered).

All of the actual domain categories remain unchanged. You may download these statements via this specific link on the  AAVSB Website, under number 3 (Task: Review Materials), click on "Domains, Tasks and Knowledge Statements" to download the PDF.

This one is the copyright for April 2018 (make sure not to download the older version which is still available elsewhere on their site).

VetTechPrep has over 1,600 questions and counting in our database to cover these domains and topics for your VTNE Review. We also offer PowerPages, which highlight the need-to-know points on important topics. PowerPix are image based flashcards which is a newer feature we offer. Please contact support for further information and signing up for our program.

Good luck in your studies!

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