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What Diseases Do Dogs & Cats Share?

by Lori Hehn - December 6, 2016 at 6:49 AM
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Cats and Dogs share many disease, although they may have different names or pathology in each species. This article discusses heartworm disease, obesity, arthritis, and dental disease. While dogs and cats can both get these diseases, they may show different symptoms. Check out the link to learn more!
quotesVTP-SuccessfulBlue.jpg"Can your dog make your cat sick? Can you? The answer to both of those questions is yes."

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About Lori Hehn

Lori Hehn is a practicing veterinarian and a contributor and content manager with XPrep Learning Solutions. She has a drive for continual learning and enjoys interacting with veterinary and vet tech students. She also writes veterinary learning books for children.

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