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Why Vet Techs Get A Whole Week Of Appreciation!

by Lori Hehn - October 20, 2016 at 9:00 AM
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Every day is a different celebration of something. Whether it is National Coffee Day, Take Your Kids To Work Day, or National Ghost Hunting Day (yes, this was Oct. 1st) there is something for everyone!

But veterinary technicians get a whole week of celebration. Why, you may ask? Because they are amazing (this is obvious), and they absolutely deserve it for all of the millions of things they do for their patients and hospitals every day. And truly they deserve recognition not just during vet tech week, but year-round. 

If you are a vet tech, you know all of the things involved in your profession. But for those who are not, here are some reasons why vet techs get and deserve a full week of recognition!

  • To make up for all of the times they were vomited, anal glanded, or pooped on during the year (actually this might take longer than just a week of appreciation)
  • They are MANY things all wrapped up into one. They are anesthetists, x-ray takers, lab techs (they perform fecal testing, urine and blood testing), receptionists (yes, they often answer phones and schedule appointments), dental hygienists, nurses (taking histories, setting up appointments, and helping to restrain pets for care, drawing blood, etc.), surgery assistants, and janitors (cleaning cages, floors, etc.).
  • They go above and beyond. They snuggle with patients. They talk to pets to comfort them. They give them special hearts on their bandages.
  • They are not in it for the money. Vet techs don't make as much money as they deserve. They do it because they love the profession and want to make a difference in the lives of animals.
  • They are grief counselors who comfort clients and help to ensure a peaceful passing for pets. This is a difficult part of the job.
  • They deal with obnoxious clients on a routine basis. Oh yes, you know the ones I am talking about! This in and of itself is enough for more than a week of recognition.
  • They often miss lunch because of emergencies. Sometimes pets don't follow our schedule and we put them first.
  • Because of those 20 million nail trims they had to do during the year on those patients that hate having their nails trimmed!
  • This is a dangerous job! Vet techs have lots of scars to prove it.
  • They have mad skills! Placing catheters, drawing blood, restraining fractious animals are just a few.

The list could go on and on. We LOVE and APPRECIATE all that veterinary technicians do for our profession. So, THANK YOU VET TECHS!!! You really do ROCK!

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