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A Nursing Word Problem (Answer)

by Lori Hehn - Oct 10, 2017 9:36:06 AM
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To get this answer, first convert the body weight into kg:

10 pounds/2.2 pounds per kg (pounds cancel out) = 4.5 kg

The total shock dose in a dog is around 90 mL/kg. You are asked to give ¼ or a quarter of that as a bolus. (Another formula is approximately 20mL/kg as the quarter shock dose)

90 mL/kg X 4.5 kg (kg cancel out) = 405 total shock dose (but you are to only give ¼ of that so divide by 4)

405 / 4 = 101 mL bolus  (rounded to 100 to keep it simple)

Now calculate the 2X maintenance rate:

There are several formulas you can use, but here we will use 60mL/kg/day for maintenance

60mL/kg/day X 4.5kg (kg cancel out)= 270 mL/day

We need this by the hour to set our rate, so divide by 24 hours in a day

270 mL/day/24 hours/day (days cancel out) = 11 mL/hour maintenance

Now multiply by 2 since you are doing twice maintenance:

11mL/hr X 2 = 22mL/hr rate

Correct answer is C: 100mL bolus, followed by 22mL/hr

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